‘Just one of the guys’ among Mustangs’ sally

HANOVER, Pa. (WHTM) – The South Western High School Mustang football team has a wide receiver who works hard, loves the sport, and doesn’t give up.

And there’s something else.

Nigea Hardison is a girl.

She started out playing on blacktop when she was 10 years old; no helmet, no pads, no fear.

“It started getting more physical, so then I just thought about actually playing for a high school,” she said.

Cut from the team her freshman year, Nigea didn’t give up. Now a senior, she’s the only female football player on the 23 teams in the York-Adams Division.

“To me it’s not a big deal because it’s just like normal football; you practice, you play,” Nigea said. “It’s just like me being like one of them and they treat me like it.”

“I don’t take it soft on her,” teammate and friend Michael Johnson said. “I’m trying to push her to make herself better and she does the same for me.”

“The neatest thing is the guys never really questioned anything,” Coach Damian Poalucci said. “The guys came in and said if she can do what we can do, then she’s one of us. That’s how they treat her and that’s how she wants to be treated.”

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