Thrifty Thursday: No carve pumpkin crafting

Not everyone is super crafty and not everyone has the time to carve pumpkins. Here are some techniques from Thrifty Thursday’s Sarah Mock of that do not require a knife.

  • Bring on the bling: Affix self adhesive rhinestones or add glitter to the stem.Thrifty Thurs pumpkins
  • Tape it up: Duct tape comes in a lot of patterns. Work out the bubbles for a seamless look.
  • Ready for football?: Paint an oblong pumpkin brown and a add electrical tape as laces.
  • Chalkboard paint: Paint a few layers of chalkboard pain and you are able to change the look of the pumpkin daily.

Tip: Use Styrofoam pumpkins and bring them out year after year.

 Additional tips for those who prefer to carve:

  • Use a serrated knife
  • Use an ice cream scoop or large spoon to clean out the pulp
  • Cut the carving hole from the bottom not the top
  • Spray the cut pumpkin with a bleach/water solution to prevent mold growth
  • For more or for free Disney themed Halloween pumpkin carving templates, visit

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