Higashi Jewelry and Eyewear’s early holiday gifts with personal touches


Do not wait until December to find holiday gifts. Thoughtful gifts from around the country and world are now available at Higashi Jewelry & Eyewear in Lemoyne.


Here are four unique finds:

Origins: Origin prides itself in working with European Jewelry Designers that produce very wearable, contemporary art with a clean, esthetic and a high perceived value  at very reasonable and fair prices. Higashi features Resin pieces from Amsterdam.

Sea Lily: Sea Lily has industrial look which is also classy and elegant. The unique and affordable jewelry makes a statement. Pieces are made with piano wire and beads and are available in multiple colors.

Seasonal Whispers: Seasonal Whispers is a NYC mother-daughter duo that brings to you a chic and luxurious collection of costume jewelry. Their fashion, music and art background inspires them to use violin strings to design the latest and trendiest pieces you need to adorn your body and accessorize your garment. Quality and comfort is in the heart of each creation.


BU: BU is a collection of handmade jewelry, a collection of charms, symbols, totems and talisman that are all inspirational – some whimsical others serious.

Higashi Jewelry and Eyewear
Above the West Shore Farmers Market
900 Market Street
(717) 303-0336

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