Central Penn Parent editor shares struggle with cancer, encourages yearly mammograms

Central Penn Parent editor Andrea Ciccocioppo became the focus of her own story this month, revealing her breast cancer diagnosis in the magazine.

Ciccocioppo told readers that Stage 1 breast cancer was found after she went for her yearly mammogram. She had never felt sick and never detected any sort of abnormality in her breast.

After a lumpectomy, chemotherpay and radiation she is considered cancer free, although treatments will persist.  But now she is also a woman on a mission.


Ciccocioppo skipped her yearly mammogram the year before, because like many working moms, she simply got “busy.”  She now wonders, “what if?”  Would her cancer have been caught before it became Stage 1?  Would she have avoided surgery and chemo?

Watch the accompanying video to hear Ciccocioppo talk to Daybreak about her journey and her message to women everywhere.

To read her story in Central Penn Parent, click here: http://www.centralpennparent.com/October-2015/Get-those-mammograms/



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