Good Day Gardening Tips with Hershey Gardens: Ornamental Grasses

Hershey Gardens joined us outside to tell us how certain grasses add texture and color to any fall garden. Ornamental_Grasses

Benefits of Ornamental grasses

  • They come in all heights and colors
  • They can really add to the texture gardeners try to achieve
  • Tassels are festive
  • They require little, if any, planning because they can grow in almost any condition in the landscape. These perennials will provide texture and color throughout more than one season as well as provide natural decorations.
  • They are very easy to care for only needing cut back in late fall or early spring. Every few years they may need divided.

Where to plant ornamental grasses

  • A grass garden could be added as a new themed garden
  • Or one or two specimen grasses can be added to the already manicured landscape.
  • Grasses thrive in the garden during fall due to it being the time of year they tassel. Tassels add fall hues to the garden.

To see some of the unique grasses Hershey Gardens brought in, view our video! For advice on planning your own Fall garden, visit or call (717) 534-3492.

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