York County Heritage Trust: Symposium on General Jacob L. Devers

Dan Roe and Rich Robinson discussed with us today about General Jacob L. Devers and his contribution to the United States military.

Born in York, Jacob. L Devers was a West Point graduate and a general in the United States Army.Devers 4-star Stoen Album 2

Devers mentioned many times that growing up in York and the experiences he had as a young boy, had a huge influence on his later years– his leadership and his identity. In fact, his papers are housed at the Trust archives, as he wanted them to reside in his hometown rather than at a nationally known institution.

During the war Devers was one of the highest ranking military officers (a 4 star General) behind only Eisenhower in the European Theater. Prior, during, and after WWII,  Devers had a major role in developing the army’s armored weapons (tanks) and in its general administration. One episode in particular occurred in 1944: Devers, in command of the US Sixth Army Group, was the first to reach the Rhine River (border to Germany). However, due to personal politics, Eisenhower did not allow Devers to cross, giving the honor to General Patton instead, which set-up the Battle of the Bulge, a huge military “what if” situation.

Devers was extremely influential in the Army’s development and use of armored tanks after World War I and into World War II. After World War II, Devers continued his career and was vital in adopting the use of helicopters for military/army operations.

The York County Heritage Trust plans to showcase General Devers’ accomplishments in November. Event details are as follows:

A Quiet Streak of Lightning: A Symposium on General Jacob L. Devers

November 6 & 7, 2015

Historical Society Museum

250 E. Market St. York, PA 17403

Registration: Call (717) 848-1587 or visit www.yorkheritage.org



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