Lemoyne organization will continue work in Afghanistan after tragedy

LEMOYNE, Pa. (WHTM) – The commander of the U.S. forces in Afghanistan says an air strike that killed at least 22 people at the Doctors Without Borders Hospital is an accident.

Doctors Without Borders has called the air strike a war crime and demanded a full investigation, which the Pentagon says it will do.

Brant Hansen works with Lemoyne-based Cure International and has been to Kabul several times. He is still reeling from the weekend tragedy.

“When I heard about the bombing, I felt sick and I didn’t want to click on the link,” said Hansen, “I thought it was one of ours.”

Cure International is a Christian-based group with hospitals in 10 countries, including one in Kabul. It has been providing medical care in that Afghanistan since 2002.

Hansen says they know there are risks working in a war-torn country, but it still hurts when people who are committed to helping those in need are killed.

Brant says he hopes the recent incident will not deter people from helping the women and children in Afghanistan who have been neglected for decades.


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