Enjoy fall favorites at Paulus Orchards

Credit: PaulusOrchards.com

In 1999, Dan Paulus and his wife, Karen, purchased an orchard in Dillsburg. They started with a small stand without a cash register but quickly grew to a fall favorite in the Midstate.

Spend a day at Paulus Orchards and you can enjoy the best activities of fall. The Dillsburg orchard offers fresh produce and products, as well as hayrides, pumpkin picking and corn mazes.

But planning for these activities takes time. In fact, the work on the corn maze begins in May.

“Right around my wife’s birthday, that’s why I remember that,” joked Dan Paulus.

While they leave the corn field design to a professional Dan and his staff plant the field and map out the drawing. For 2015, it’s a picture of the Keystone state.

Credit: PaulusOrchards.com


When the corn starts popping up, crews paint the maze design onto it. Dan explains, “It’s much easier to do when the corn is three inches tall, as opposed to eight feet tall.”

The corn that grows in the pathways is killed and then the work is done. The maze opens on Labor Day weekend and is open until around Halloween.

Along with the maze, there is an activity area for kids. It has games, a playground made of apple cartons and an educational area for children to learn about bees and corn.

To learn more about Paulus Orchards or to schedule a tour for your family or group, visit their website: http://www.PaulusOrchards.com.

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