Re-Bath & More: Tub or shower?

Jon Witmer, president of Re-Bath & More, was in to discuss bathroom remodeling options as well as provide insight to one of the most commonly faced dilemmas when it comes to renovating a bathroom: tub or shower?IMG_20150818_153313571_HDR

“There is no doubt that a bathroom remodel is an important investment in your home and you want to do everything you can to make sure you make the right choices.  Re-Bath & More design consultants walk people through these important design choices every day,” describes Jon.

“The best way to start is by clearly understanding your top priority for the renovation.  Your decisions may be different based on what is most important to you.  For example, if your main concern is resale value and you only have one tub then you probably want to replace your tub with another bathtub.  If your main concern is safety and you are preparing your home to stay as long as possible instead of moving to assisted living, then you may decide to replace the tub with a shower.”

For more of Jon’s insight on bathroom remodeling, visit his website or call (717)-299-4822

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