National Guard rescues residents, pets from flooded North Charleston homes

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (MG) – All weekend long, residents in South Carolina have been pummeled by heavy rains and hide tides. In North Charleston, the rain caused the water to rise in just a matter of minutes. The flooding got so bad that the National Guard was called in to help with rescues.

Photos: South Carolina Flooding
Photos: South Carolina Flooding

Charleston County rescue crews, along with the National Guard, spent Sunday afternoon rescuing residents in the Pepper Hill community. The water rose so quickly that it took residents by surprise. Otis Green lives in the community. He had to be rescued from his home on Sunday. He says the water just rose so quickly, “Everything just came up…the house is just demolished, destroyed, just destroyed.”

The water was chest high in some places, prompting rescue crews to bring in boats and ATV’s to get around. The National Guard spent several hours rescuing people from their homes. Some people though didn’t want to leave their homes.

Those rescued, like Rodney Gethers, say the water inside their homes is wreaking havoc. He says his house is an absolute mess, “[A] brand new refrigerator turned sideways the whole house look just like this water.”

Rescue crews weren’t just evacuating people though, they were helping out all the four-legged friends as well. Using trucks, boats, and ATV’s, crews hit the flooded streets assisting were they could. Multiple dogs were able to be retrieved from the watered down homes.

People and pets alike were pulled out of the North Charleston neighborhood. Many say they’ve lost everything, including Kim James, who is just hoping something can be salvaged, “Computers, TV’s, DVD players, washer and dryer, a deep freezer, and we’re hoping we can get my mom’s Cadillac out of the garage.”

Residents who were rescued from their homes will be staying in shelters because the threat of rain continues over the next couple of days.

Thankfully all animals in the neighborhood were able to be rescued safe and sound.

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