Couple weds despite weather conditions

YORKTOWN, Va. (WAVY) — Sunday’s high water mark in Yorktown brought the York River into the town’s main street. People said it was the highest the tide has come since Hurricane Isabel.

In the early afternoon, the tide rose beyond the beach. The high water mark in the Yorktown’s street went above the wheels of cars. Most of the Yorktown restaurants closed early. The Beach Delly put up sandbags to brace for the tide.

Then a large crowd gathered to watch the rising water, but they caught another scene — a beach wedding as the tide reached its peak.

Ricky and Noel Wallace planned a beach wedding months ago, but they woke up Sunday to reports of high winds and high tides.

“We started the day at Fort Monroe,” Ricky Wallace said. “We were gonna use the beach there and then it turns out it was heavy winds there.”

“So we figured hey, we are already having the reception here so lets just go with that. That scratched our actual backup plan so this was our third option.”

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