Repair work to begin on Norman Wood Bridge

HOLTWOOD, Pa. (WHTM) – Work to repair a cracked steel girder was scheduled to begin Friday on the Norman Wood Bridge over the Susquehanna River between southern Lancaster and York counties.

The bridge has been closed since an inspection team discovered the 8-foot long crack Monday afternoon.

PennDOT spokesman Greg Penny said a contracted construction company plans to work during daylight hours seven days a week, but the repair is expected to take about a month.

Penny said two steel plates, each about 5 by 14 feet, will be bolted over the crack to make the repair.

Construction workers also will repair other locations with minor cracks that were discovered during the inspection this week.

Until the work is finished, the estimated 4,300 drivers who use Route 372 each day will have to find an alternate route over the river.

The official detour directs traffic south to the Route 1 bridge at the Conowingo Dam in Maryland, or drivers may head north to the Route 30 and Route 462 bridges between Columbia and Wrightsville.

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