Ohio State University puts active shooter training video on YouTube

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Nine thousand views and counting.

“It’s scary to think about but an active shooter is something we all need to be prepared for,” you can hear Ohio State University Police Training Coordinator Adam Tabor say in an all new training video called “Surviving an Active Shooter.”

Tabor says preparation a key facet to survival in a situation like the one simulated in the 6 minute video.

Although the scene is only a training scenario, Tabor says students, faculty, and staff should take its message seriously.

“Three simple words could save lives so remember run, hide, fight,” Tabor shares in the video.

It’s a plan originally developed by the University of Houston that was adapted by OSU.

Tabor says the university has a team of instructors who study incidents like the shooting in Oregon that left ten people dead to see how OSU can improve its security plan.

The university posted this training video on YouTube September 23rd to try and get more people to form a plan for survival.

“Look around in the room you’re in right now find areas where you can hide, or items you can use as weapons,” Tabor tells viewers in the video.

“The university public safety is prepared and now it’s time for you to get prepared,” Tabor said.

You can watch the “Surviving an Active Shooter” video here: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Z9zkU–FLQ)

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