Police: Same suspect may have robbed banks in Adams, Lancaster counties

Photos from the PNC Bank in Littlestown, left, and the Susquehanna Bank in Ephrata.

LITTLESTOWN, PA. (WHTM) – Police in Adams County believe there’s a connection between a bank robbery in their area and another in Lancaster County.

Littlestown police Chief Charles Kellar said the man who robbed the PNC Bank at 400 West King Street on Tuesday appears to be the same guy who held up a bank in Ephrata on Wednesday.

Surveillance video from inside the PNC shows a man dressed in a Pittsburgh Steelers hooded sweatshirt walk up to two tellers. At the first teller, the man is given some money.

The suspect then appears to be in a rush when he gets to a second teller because he leaves some of the money behind. The cash is swooped up by the teller.

Security video also shows the man was driving a distinctive orange car with a white front bumper and a black driver’s door.

Kellar told ABC 27 News that he’s convinced the suspect who robbed the bank is the same man who held up a Susquehanna Bank in Ephrata.

Detectives with the Ephrata Police Department said there are some similarities in the case, but they told ABC 27 News they’re too early in their investigation to conclude one man is responsible for both robberies.

“The only evidence I’m aware of that would connect the two is a similar appearance,” Lt. Christopher McKim said. “They both had dark hoodies sunglasses and wore gloves.”

Authorities believe the suspect in Tuesday’s robbery is in his mid-30s, 5’8″ to 5’10” tall, with a thin build.

A $5,000 reward is available for information that leads to an arrest and conviction.


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