Harrisburg residents can help prevent street flooding

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Street flooding usually takes place when there’s a heavy amount of rainfall in a short period of time. Storm drains are tested by the heavy water on the street, and it’s the drains that are covered by debris that create flooding.

Andrew Bliss of Capital Region Water says the city of Harrisburg has more than 4,100 storm drains. 

Bliss says they have crews clearing the drains, but it can be tough to stay on top of all of them, so they are asking residents and business owners to help out.

“You want to do this before a storm comes,” said Bliss, “it takes two minutes with a pair of gloves and a trash bag, just bend down and throw that debris in a trash bag and dispose of it properly.”

Bliss says it’s important that residents lower their water use during storms and heavy rains because it will allow the treatment plant to treat the rain water and sewer waste more effectively, and that will have an impact on water quality.

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