Coroner IDs man found shot in auto parts store lot

Jared Weaver (Facebook)

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – The Lancaster County coroner said 19-year-old Jared Weaver is the man found shot to death in the parking lot of Advanced Auto Parts in Lancaster Township.

Heather Smith, who lives near the car care store in the 1000 block of East King Street, told ABC 27 News she heard the gunshots.

“It was just a few,” she recalled. “Like, maybe two to four.”

The coroner said an autopsy on Monday showed Weaver died of a single gunshot wound. His death was ruled a homicide.

Police haven’t released any other details citing an ongoing investigation.

Janet Riker, who lives near the scene, said police combed through her yard as they searched for evidence.

“They took a metal detector and they looked in trash cans and all over,” she said. “They were all over. There were a lot of them.”

Weaver’s murder happened just weeks after a violent stretch in early September in nearby Lancaster, where three people were killed in ten days.

A memorial that was in place on Monday spelled out “J-Roc”.

Teresa Nitchman, who also lives close to the scene, watched as friends put candles in place.

“They lost someone they loved,” she said. “That’s a stranger to me, but it’s not a stranger to them. It’s someone they were very attached to and they need to grieve.”

Anyone with information about Weaver’s murder is asked to call Manheim Township police at 717-569-6401.

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