Following Francis: Final destination, Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (WHTM) – Pope Francis held mass at Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul. Tens of thousands expected to be in Philadelphia, but only a select few were actually inside.

Along the Ben Franklin Parkway, tens of thousands of people were waiting for one man’s arrival.

“All of us have been following it all week in D.C in New York so this is the culmination”, said Kathy McGarry from Texas.

The parkway lined with officers at the ready, no need to use those weapons because the crowd was calm.

Peggy Kalogerkas from the Poconos shared, “People walking around with rosary beads and breaking into prayers and song”.

“Everyone knowing the Pope is going to be here everyone you can feel it in the air”, said Amariany Hi from Texas.

Pope Francis arrived at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in his now iconic Fiat. Greeted by former Governor Corbett who played a key role in getting the Pope here while in office.

Pope Francis said, “Each one of us has to respond to the Lords calling to build up his body”.

A message from the Pope to all Christian believers

Et tu, What about you.

Only about 1,600 people got to attend mass so organizers put the service on jumbotrons along the parkway for thousands to see.

“We are ok because in that Cathedral is the vicar of Christ. So we believe that Pope Francis is the vicar of Christ”, said Andreas Garcia from California.

And both the young and old are ready to spread his message.

Joey Flaherty from Mississippi explained, “My hope is to just give to charity, tithe, do what the church tells me to do”

As if a sign that Pope Francis’ message was received from above a sun halo formed, breaking through the clouds, a sign of peace and love.

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