Pope merchandise for sale on streets of Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (WHTM) – The streets of Philadelphia are already buzzing about the Pope’s visit.

The merchandise being sold does not disappoint.

It’s amazing what you can find just outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Inside are official vendors for the World Meeting of Families, but outside, anything goes.

The call of the vendor echoes through the streets around the convention center.

A few blocks down, priests and nuns recite Bible verses over thumping beats.

It’s called “Priests of Beat,” electronic Catholic music, selling at $10 for 18 tracks.

“So to get the scripture, to get our Father, to get the word, something that gives glory at the same time you’re listening to it it gives you energy, to me it was like the perfect combo,” the vendor said.

It’s just one note of the symphony on Arch Street.

A single drum, a few voices, and dancing kids fire up the early birds.

Around the corner, an entrepreneur calls out to the faithful, facing plenty of competition for Pope-afelnia.

“It’s a lot, but everybody got their own prices, you know. I think I got the better T-shirts, they think they got the better T-shirts. 23, it’s the hussle,” said street vendor Omar Outterbridge.

Across the street, inside the convention center, cash deals give way to scanners and registers in one of several official merchandise shops.

Mother of seven Aimee Langan is taking home far more than the pint glasses, the T-shirts, and the Pope bobblehead loading her down.

“It’s easy to feel ground down as a mom, as a catholic family, as a parent, so I feel really reaffrimed and reinvigorated,” Langan said.

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