Connecticut company creates Donald Trump action figure

Donald Trump
FILE - In this Sept. 19, 2015 file photo, Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump holds a Bible as he speaks during the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition's annual fall dinner in Des Moines, Iowa. Producers at CBS are making four separate episodes of "60 Minutes" for Sunday, trying to fit in three stories, including an interview with Trump. Scott Pelley will press Trump for specifics on issues like taxes, education, defense and immigration. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall, File)

OXFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A Connecticut company has created a Donald Trump action figure, toupee and all. It even talks.

A very excited Emil Vicale is counting down the days until his Oxford based company starts selling the Donald.“I think he’ll dig it. I think he’s gonna love it. It’s huuuuuge. That’s what he says. Anyone who’s his age and can do some fantastic stuff with his hair, I love him, because I can’t do anything,” Vicale said.

Since February 2002, Vicale’s company,, has been custom making action figures of the world’s leaders and villains.

Vicale says there’s an official hero builder’s male figure, so he didn’t create the buff body specifically for the Donald. “The thing that makes this different, is it’s heroically proportioned, bigger than any other action figure.”

He says every time a new action figure is made, the head is sculpted with a specific mold. A lot of the other work is also done in Connecticut. “The painting, the assembly, the shipping, the basic, and the management and the design,” said Vicale.

There’s even a voice chip. He says, “It reverberates through the empty cavity. That’s how you get the really great sound.”

Vicale says it costs $59.95 to have a Donald with a voice and $39.95 without the voice.

He says you can’t buy the Donald until the first week of October on the website

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