Caped Crusader September

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – Lancaster County teen Gillian Wismer of Willow Street is being recognized for giving back to the community by donating her time educating others about local history Hans Herr House Museum, the oldest home in the county.

She volunteers sharing her historical knowledge.

“She does a good job with working in the museum store as well as volunteering and talking about some Pine Needle Baskets that were done in the Longhouse by Native Americans.”

Becky Gochnauer, Executive Director for the Hans Herr House Museum.

Not only does she talk about Pine Needle Baskets, she makes them.

“This is a Pine Needle Basket and these pine needles come from Georgia, Alabama. You go around in a circle sewing the needles in place.” said Gillian Wismer.

“She’s very clear with her explanation of what she is doing over in the Longhouse she very good with the cash register, reads people well and is very good with our visitors when they come.” said Gochnauer.

Gillian’s willingness to give back to her community earned her Central Penn Parent Magazine’s Cape Crusader Award.”

No one told me anything about this.

I am very surprised and pleasantly surprised.” Gillian said. “I’m proud of her. I am glad we were able to honor her in this way.” said Gochnauer.

Gillian is a junior at Lancaster Mennonite School and is looking forward to college.

“I’ve always wanted to travel and I want to be an English major so it gives me the opportunities to travel to other countries.” said Gillian.

To learn more about Gillian, check out Central Penn Parent Magazine out now.

You can also learn more about the Hans Herr House and Museum here.

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