AG Kane’s law license temporarily suspended

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A Pennsylvania disciplinary board has temporarily suspended the law license of Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

In its order Monday, the state Supreme Court’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel said the order should not be construed as removing Kane from elected office, and is limited to the temporary suspension of her license to practice law.

Kane is accused of leaking protected material from a 2009 grand jury investigation and lying about it under oath. She is charged with perjury, official oppression, false swearing and obstruction.

She denies she did anything illegal. She says she’s the victim of an effort to conceal pornographic and racially insensitive emails that were exchanged on state computers and the names of former staffers and other officials who sent them.

Kane said in a statement that she is disappointed in the court’s action.

“I continue to maintain my innocence and plan to keep fighting to clear my name while serving out the rest of my term in office,” she said. “I am confident the hundreds of employees of the Office of Attorney General will continue protecting the people of Pennsylvania with the same high level of energy, dedication and professionalism they have always displayed.”

Kane said she’s instructed her staff to engage in a comprehensive review of all emails on office servers.

“Our preliminary review has generated emails of government officials, including law enforcement officials and judges, heretofore unknown to us,” she said in the statement. “These emails will be fully released either as public documents defined by the Commonwealth Court, or at my discretion.”

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