Harrisburg man holds $1M Powerball ticket sold at Allison Hill store

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – One look around Swatara Street and you see boarded up windows, sneakers dangling from wires, and graffiti scribbled on walls. Among the overgrown weeds are flowers fighting to be seen. In some rougher parts of Allison Hill, beauty must overcome the odds to prevail.

On Sunday, a man walked into the Sayford Midtown Supermarket and beat those odds to have something beautiful happen.

Owner Wembim Pam described the man’s reaction after scanning his ticket and realizing he matched all five white balls in the previous night’s Powerball lottery and held a $1 million ticket.

“One million dollars! Oh, we won one million dollars,” Pam shouted.

He said the man was in shock and immediately picked up the phone to share the news.

“He went on the phone, called his wife. He said, ‘Oh! We won a million dollars!” Pam said.

As word began to spread Monday around Allison Hill, people rushed to Pam’s store hoping the luck rubbed off.

“He was scrambling around the house for all them tickets he bought,” Jessica White said.

White scanned a few tickets herself and did not win, but she said it felt like the neighborhood won.

“They’re blessed, that’s all I gotta say,” she said. “God is good. God is good. I know in my heart they deserved this.”

White joked that she was going to play more often at the store.

“Absolutely! I’m here to play,” she said.

The win is giving a business boost to Pam’s store beyond the $5,000 prize he’ll get for selling the winning ticket.

“I’m excited, too,” he said.

Lottery officials said they cannot identify the winner until the prize is claimed and the ticket is validated. Powerball winners have one year from the drawing to claim prizes.

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