Police announce arrest in I-81 homicide

John Wayne Strawser Jr. (Franklin County District Attorney's Office)

GREENCASTLE, Pa. (WHTM) – State police say they received more than a thousand tips before the one that finally led to an arrest Monday in a 2014 murder on Interstate 81 in Franklin County.

In a news conference Monday afternoon, police said they’ve charged 38-year-old John Wayne Strawser Jr. with first-degree murder in the killing of Timothy “Asti” Davison.

Davison, 28, of Poland, Maine, was fatally shot in the early morning of Jan. 4, 2014 while traveling north on the interstate near Greencastle, three miles north of the Maryland line.

Timothy Davison
Timothy Davison (Family photo)

Davison had called 911 to report that he was being chased by another driver who was shooting at him. His silver 2001 Mitsubishi Montero was then rammed into the median, and his killer fired several rounds into the SUV before fleeing south on I-81 in a dark blue Ford Ranger pickup truck.

Police said their investigation found the attack was not intended for Davison, but for someone else. A man and woman told investigators that Strawser was looking for them and probably mistook Davison’s Mitsubishi for their silver 2006 Honda Pilot.

Strawser, of Belington, West Virginia, previously had an affair with the woman and, on the night of Davison’s murder, followed her and her husband to a dance club along Interstate 81 in West Virginia. He threatened the couple in phone calls and texts, so they left the club and headed north on I-81 to Pennsylvania, according to the criminal complaint.

Timothy Davison's Mitsubishi Montero, left, and a 2006 Honda Pilot
Timothy Davison’s Mitsubishi Montero, left, and a 2006 Honda Pilot (Franklin County District Attorney’s Office)

The couple told police that Strawser owned a dark blue Ford Ranger that he painted black and green after it had been damaged around the time of the dance club incident.

The couple came forward with the information in April, after Strawser was charged with killing a woman in West Virginia. According to published reports, Strawser is accused of fatally shooting 37-year-old Amy Lou Buckingham in her driveway, apparently at the end of their romantic relationship.

In the complaint, police said the couple had heard news reports of Davison’s murder and grew suspicious of Strawser after Buckingham’s homicide.

“They didn’t think he was capable of doing this,” Lt. Jonathan May said. “Once there was the homicide in West Virginia, that certainly led them to believe that he was capable of this and that broke things open for us.”

Police said Strawser owned a .44 caliber Rossi Ranch Hand pistol, the type of gun linked to in Davison’s murder. Lab tests revealed a casing from the murder scene was fired from his gun, and his DNA was found on the casing, the complaint states.

Strawser posted photos of the gun on his Facebook page when he tried to sell it in 2014, police said. He also posted pictures of his Ford Ranger, both in dark blue and the black and green paint job, according to the complaint.

John Strawser's Ford Ranger (Franklin County District Attorney's Office)
John Strawser’s Ford Ranger (Franklin County District Attorney’s Office)

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