Despite mix-up, Tennessee police replace Pennsylvania boy’s stolen bike

Photo credit: Dickson City, Pennsylvania Police Department via Facebook

DICKSON, Tenn. (WKRN/WHTM) – A Pennsylvania boy who had his bicycle stolen has a new pair of wheels because of an honest mistake and a mysterious good Samaritan in Tennessee.

WKRN-TV reports that after a thief took 5-year-old Cameron Calogero’s bike from his home in Dickson City, Pennsylvania, his aunt contacted the Dickson City Police Department through its Facebook page.

The aunt, however, unknowingly reached out to police in Dickson, Tennessee – instead of Dickson City, Pennsylvania – and unaware of the case of mistaken identity, Tennessee Detective Chad Fussell opened an investigation and posted the stolen bike story on his department’s Facebook page.

When Fussell showed up to work the next day, an anonymous donor had a new bike for Cameron waiting at the police station. Fussell called Cameron’s aunt to make arrangements, and that’s when they realized the mistake.

Still, Fussell made sure Cameron received his new bike.

“It’s a little boy that had nothing to do with his bike getting stolen. So, we just wanted to see this through and make sure he was getting what someone had given him,” Fussell told WKRN.

Fussell returned the bike to the Wal-Mart in Dickson, Tennessee and ordered the same model for Cameron to pick up in Dickson City, Pennsylvania.

“Geographically, we’re 800 miles away, but we have a connection now. It came through a bicycle and a good Samaritan’s kindness,” Fussell told WKRN. “I know I have a friend in Dickson City, Pennsylvania and it’s just nice to know that.”

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