ABC 27 story helps midstate contractor get paid by state

Bryan Golden of Dillsburg owns MacMor Construction.

In late June, he fixed a burst pipe on state property across the street from the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg.

With cameras rolling last month, Bryan showed us the fresh blacktop where his crew had done the work.

“We dug down 14 feet and this whole area was the leak area,” Golden said.

It was a huge leak. The broken pipe was losing 400,000 gallons of water a month and taxpayers were getting soaked. Prior to doing the work, Bryan was assured that because it was an emergency situation, he’d be paid regardless of the state budget impasse now in its 80th day.

In late August, MacMor still hadn’t been paid and Bryan was being told his money was a casualty of the budget stalemate.

“It’s frustrating,” Golden told ABC 27. His story was aired and caught the attention of higher-ups at the Department of General Services.

“It was simply an oversight within the department,” DGS spokesman Troy Thompson said.

But the oversight has been corrected. Last week, Golden cashed the $30,700 check from the state.

“It’s huge for us,” Golden said Friday. “It helps us take care of our vendors. It helps us take care of any tax payments we gotta make, any payroll we gotta make, so it’s very meaningful when we get a payment like that.”

But there are lots and lots of Bryans out there, providing goods and services to the state and owed lots and lots of money. They aren’t getting their checks and won’t until a budget’s finalized. At this point, there’s no telling when that will be. Thompson wanted to stress that Golden’s was a unique situation because the work was considered emergency and it was performed before the end of the fiscal year. The wait continues for everybody else.

“We really appreciate our vendors’ patience,” Thompson said. “We can guarantee that they will be paid. We just cannot guarantee when they will be paid at this point. But they will get their money for the services they provide once there’s a budget.”

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