250th York Fair sees high attendance

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – The York Fair is underway, celebrating its 250th anniversary, making it America’s oldest fair.

It’s been a week full of fun for fair-goers.

“We come to the Fair every year we have a great time. We love the foods, the smells. Kids love riding the rides and playing the games,” Alan Taylor, who traveled to the fair from Dallastown, said.
“Things are going quite well for us. Of course the weather has been fantastic,” Mike Froehlich, the Fair general manager, said.

Attendance is up this year. The highest it has been in a while. But the Froehlich doesn’t measure success by numbers; he does it one smile at a time.

“How many times have we seen the glee of a child’s first pony ride? And how many times have we seen the joy of a winning fair junior exhibitor? And the beaming faces of proud parents? I think that’s a great way to summarize how we can tell if the fair has been successful,” Froehlich said.

This year the fair is featuring a new exhibit, called “Through the Years.” It showcases a ninety foot timeline, beginning in 1765.

“A lot of people called and said ‘Hey I have this really neat item or artifact. I think it should be in the exhibit,’ so we did,” Cody Cashman, the Fair sales manager, said.

A tough puzzle to put together, but the pictures, cars, and other items tell the story.

“I didn’t know the York Fair was a hospital at one time for the Civil War,” Cashman said.

“The fact that it’s the oldest fair means it’s a success. People like it. Or they wouldn’t keep coming back every year,” Benjamin Cope, who is from York, said.

Just in case the funnel cakes and smoothies weren’t enough Taylor hopes to bring home one more thing.

“Just some fun and some memories,” Taylor said.

The Fair closes Sunday. American Authors and Andy Grammar perform Friday night.

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