Garden Guru: Fall Garden

(WHTM) – Many people think that Fall doesn’t give you a lot of choices when it comes to color, but you actually do have a good selection.

I can’t let fall go by without talking about two of the real time favorites. the first one is mums. It’s really hard to describe how many colors you can get in mums.

What people don’t know is there are very different styles of flowers. Everything from decorative to daisy to spoon remembers the thing about garden mums is that they are very shallow rooted.

When you’re planting them make sure you’re picking a spot that is nice and sunny, a place that gets four to six hours of sun. Make sure you’re loosening up those roots and mulch them in the winter time.

The other thing people love to choose in the fall is asters. They are popular because of the blue colors. Here you get this gorgeous blue and purple. Asters are considered a tender perennial.

So you might want to protect them when you plant them for the winter. When you are thinking color for fall think of all the fun things you can do with the most common ones, mums and asters they do give you that bang for your buck and color for fall.

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