Hershey Volunteer Fire Department to host Community Celebration

The community is invited to celebrate the future of the Hershey Volunteer Fire Department on Sunday, September 13 – Milton Hershey’s birthday. Mr. Hershey was a founding member of the fire company when it started in 1905.

To meet the growing needs of the community, the fire company volunteers have been raising millions of dollars to renovate and expand their antiquated fire station. At the special event, the community can tour the perimeter of the new station and get an update on the project from fire fighters.

Donations = bricks to build new fire department
Donations = bricks to build new fire department

The station is slated to open in early 2016. The event also features music, children’s activities and free hot dogs, drinks, popcorn and Italian Ice. People can take photos in front of fire trucks and kids can even learn how to use the fire hose

The 71 members of the fire company are out raising money for the new station and have been successful in getting $5.6 million dollars pledged so far from corporations, individuals and government grants. Residents are invited are to help raise the remaining $1.2 million dollars needed. One of the ways they can do that is by making a donation of $250 to purchase a personalized brick. All donations of any amount are appreciated and are  payable over five years time and are tax-deductible.

Hershey Volunteer Fire Department Community Celebration
Sunday, September 13
5- 6:30 pm
21 West Caracas Avenue, Hershey
(717) 533-2953

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