Non-profit collecting old cell phones for soldiers

This month, we have a way for you to help those who are fighting for us overseas. All you need is a phone that you’re willing to give away.

The Northern Dauphin County Human Services Center and the Veterans Affairs office are teaming up with the non-profit organization Cell Phones For Soldiers.

Here’s how it works: you donate an old or new cell phone, then the group processes and recycles it. In return, it sends international calling cards to active-duty military members serving abroad.

Dauphin County Commissioner George Hartwick says our soldiers don’t always have an affordable way to call home and this small gesture will make a big difference.

“You can imagine the level of sacrifice and concern of our military veterans while they’re serving in locations around the country and not being able to have that level of connection with their kids and their families,” Hartwick said. “This is one small step to be able to allow those veterans to be able to have a connection here with their families, with their parents, and at home.”

You can donate phones at select locations across Dauphin County. The collection ends Oct. 17 at the Northern Dauphin Fall Festival in Elizabethville where current and past service veterans will be honored.

Cell phone collection locations:

· Magnolia Realty Services, 30 West Main St., Elizabethville

· Northern Dauphin County YMCA, 500 N. Church St., Elizabethville

· Just Right Fitness, 34 Market St., Elizabethville

· Millersburg Pharmacy, 242 Market St., Millersburg

· State Senator Rob Teplitz’s Office, 916-B North River Rd., Park Plaza, Halifax

· Porter Tower Lion’s Club, 517 W. Grand Ave., Tower City

· The NDHSC, 295 State Dr., Elizabethville

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