Beacon Clinic for Health and Hope

Beacon Clinic for Health and Hope is a free, faith-based primary healthcare clinic serving the uninsured and under-served adults, 18yrs. and older in the Greater Harrisburg Community. It is housed in renovated space at St. Paul Episcopal Church. In addition to health services, the staff provides community health screening, health education, support groups & long term coaching/management of persons with chronic illness. Prescription assistance is available. Persons needing health care can either make an appointment or walk in.Mariage Ebedeng +photo RUTH CLINIC 064

Currently, Beacon Clinic is seeking funds for its Cookie Jar fund for prescription assistance. In June, its prescription bill was more than $900.

In addition, the group is seeking volunteers who will be available a few hours weekly or monthly to assist in the clinic. Welcome are: Medical personnel, data entry/computer specialists, educators, social workers and just anyone with willing hands.

Beacon Clinic
248 Seneca Street
(717) 775-1111

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