Author Spotlight: Leah Ferguson’s “All The Difference”

Leah Ferguson is a local author and a mother of three from Mechanicsburg, PA.

All the Difference was released on September 1 and is her debut novel. A reading will take place in early October at the Whistlestop Bookshop in Carlisle, PA. Anyone that is interested is  encouraged to check Leah’s website or Facebook page for additional details.IMG_5420

All the Difference is a fictional story about a 30-year-old Philadelphian named Molly Sullivan. It opens when she finds out that she is pregnant on New Year’s Eve. The only problem is, the father is a boyfriend she is not sure about keeping around, which makes things a little trickier when he proposes marriage later that night. There is no question in Molly’s mind that she will keep and raise the baby, but what comes after that is very uncertain for her.

“The story grapples with so much of what many people struggle with: the difficulties of being a working or single parent, the feeling of trying to do the right thing even when our gut is telling us that it might not be the right thing for us,” said Ferguson. “It deals with friendship, and other people’s expectations, and even infertility, and that awful feeling of wanting something so badly that seems to come easily to other people. I’m hoping that it’s a story readers can identify with.”

9780425279380Leah is currently working on a proposal and early chapters for her next novel, which is a friendship story, and preparing for her reading at the Whistlestop Bookshop later in October.



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