Teens attacked after Harrisburg fireworks show

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Two teenage brothers from Newville were viciously attacked by a group of about 30 youths after the Kipona fireworks display Sunday night, police said.

The brothers, ages 16 and 19, were walking to their car when they were chased then assaulted in the area of N. 3rd and Walnut streets. Police said the brothers were beaten to the ground and kicked.

Both victims were treated at Harrisburg Hospital for various cuts and bruises. The 16-year-old suffered a broken jaw.

Chief Tom Carter said investigators planned to review surveillance camera video from the federal building and businesses in the area in an effort to identify the attackers.

“There was some racial overtone to it,” Carter said. “I do not like that. That should not have happened. Hopefully, we can look at camera footage to identify the juveniles responsible for this sort of behavior. If we do, they will deal with the full force of the law.”

Carter said he called the victims to let them know that city’s victim fund will pay for their medical bills.

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