Sen. Casey, Rep. Dent discuss Iran deal, budgets & election

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Congress may vote this week on President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.

Senator Bob Casey (D-Pennsylvania) is a yes and believes it will reduce Iran’s nuclear capability. He also thinks it was the best deal possible.

U.S. Representative Charlie Dent (R-15th District) is a no and doesn’t believe Iran would live up to any deal.

“They (Congressional supporters) are telling us that a not-so-good deal is preferable to no deal,” Dent said. “I was always under the impression that no deal is better than a bad deal and in my view this is a bad deal.”

Casey insists Iran must prove it’s not dabbling in nuclear weapons.

“We don’t trust them (Iran), nor should we,” Casey said. “We shouldn’t trust them in year one, year ten, or year 15. That’s why we have in the agreement the kind of verification that’s essential.”

Dent and Casey visited ABC 27’s studios on Tuesday. Both men agree that a threatened attempt by some Republicans to shut down the federal government over the funding of Planned Parenthood is a bad idea.

“Regardless of one’s feelings about Planned Parenthood, that’s not the issue,”  Dent said. “We shouldn’t shut the government down over it, period, whether you’re for it or against it.”

The state’s budget is also in limbo, more than two months beyond its due date. Dent supports an attempt by the state’s legislative Republicans to do a stopgap budget to fund schools and social services while the bigger issues are ironed out.

Casey appreciates Governor Wolf’s tenacity.

“I do think the governor has brought a renewed focus on investments to education and I think that’s driving a lot of his work as governor and I applaud him for that,” Casey said, “but I sure hope they can resolve this.”

Casey is a senator from Scranton. Joe Biden is a former senator, born in Scranton. It’s natural to assume Casey supports Biden for president.

Uh, no.

“I think he’s (Biden) the best vice president we ever had, and a good friend, but I support Hillary Clinton and I continue to support her,” Casey said, adding that he thinks Clinton would be the strongest contender in a general election against the eventual Republican.

The GOP field is chock full with 17 candidates. Dent hasn’t endorsed anyone but pinpointed a handful who he thinks have a real shot.

“I’m of the opinion that it’s between Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie, if he can get past the bridge situation,” Dent said.

Dent doesn’t mention front-runner Donald Trump, who Dent says won’t win, but the congressman added he does understand The Donald’s appeal in polls.

It’s all about anti-establishment.

“I think there’s a general frustration that Washington is broken,” Dent said. “I totally agree. Washington is broken.”

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