School hosts first-time bus rider programs and emergency drills

Planning bus stops and routes starts before the previous school year ends. The transportation department begins planning in May and hosts programs over the summer to help first time riders adjust to taking the school bus.

Riding the bus for the first time can make students and parents a little anxious. To help ease those nerves, East Pennsboro School District allows students to come in over the summer to take a practice run.

“Students come in and meet the teachers but also get on the bus, leave the parents behind, take a ride and then return to the school,” says Linda Fair, the Transportation Director for the district.

Linda says all riders should practice bus stop safety. She says to get to the stop at least five minutes early and stand on the sidewalk, at least 10 feet away from the bus.

As the bus approaches, Linda says stand still and wait until the bus driver tells you it is time to board.

Madelynne, a 3rd grader in the East Pennsboro School District, says if you have questions, ask. “Ask somebody if they know the rules and then they’ll tell you and then you know how to ride the bus safely.”

Another way schools make sure students are safe on the bus, is by hosting two emergency bus drills per year. It allows students to go over safety rules with the bus driver and also practice going out the emergency exits.

Linda says these drills are required by the state. East Pennsboro is hosting its bus drills on Wednesday.

If you have questions about your bus route or the emergency bus drills, contact your local district.

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