Get ready to pay less at the pump

If you been paying attention to the gas pump, then you have noticed prices are dropping.

“The cheapest I have seen is $2.41,” said Ronald Caufman of Newville.

“Most of the places are around $2.49. I know there is a place off of 83 that I am getting it for like $2.20,” said Amy Cober of Dillsburg.

The good news for consumers is prices are expected to continue to drop.

“I can tell you the single most reason why is because the price of crude oil has gone down and that makes up over 51 percent of what the consumer is paying at the gasoline pump.” said Stephanie Wissman, executive director of the Associated Petroleum Industries of Pennsylvania.

According to the Triple AAA daily fuel gauge, the current national average is $2.44 a gallon.

“Gas prices today are exactly one dollar less then they were a year ago today, which is quite significant,” Wissman said.

Some industry experts are predicting some areas of the nation could dip as low as $2 a gallon by Christmas and the average consumer is expected to save hundreds of dollars.

“Because gasoline prices are so low right now, that is an extra $750 in the consumer’s pocket,” Wissman said.

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