Red Land Little League talks about season highs and lows

You can’t get enough of the Red Land Little League team, and neither can we here at ABC 27.

Karissa Shatzer sat down with Jaden Henline, Cole Wagner and his dad and coach, Bret Wagner, to talk about the highs and lows of their season.

The Red Land Little League team accomplished more this season than most will in their entire careers.

Henline and Cole Wagner said the highlight of the season was winning the Mid-Atlantic title.

“Winning regionals to just going crazy that we just made it to Williamsport was really fun,” Cole Wagner said.

“Whenever we mercy ruled Jackson in the regional championship, that gave us a big boost for Williamsport,” Henline said.

Another highlight was visiting the Penn State football team. Second baseman Braden Kolmansberger won a bet with Coach James Franklin. Kolmansberger made a 30-yard field goal, and Franklin had to do 30 push-ups.

For Red Land Coach Bret Wagner, there was another moment that was even more special.

“Winning the U.S. Championship with my son pitching, a good portion of that game was just awesome as a father,” he said. “Super proud.”

That game was a low point for Cole Wagner, who played the game with a migraine.

“I get migraines a lot, actually,” Cole said. “This was the first one I had in a while, but you know, I’m not really sure what caused that one. I tried to battle through it.”

So did the whole team, and now they are hometown heroes.

“The most special part for me was when people were yelling, ‘Thank you!’ to us,” Bret Wagner said. “I get us yelling, ‘Thank you!’ to them for coming out and supporting, but they were actually thanking us. And then when you put it together, there were a lot of people who were thankful for giving them basically a summer to remember, and it’s very moving.”

Red Land fever is not subsiding any time soon. There is a parade for the team Saturday. For details, visit

The team will also be at the Harrisburg Senators game Sunday. For more information, visit

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