Group needs volunteers to help Mount Joy playground ‘rise from the ashes’

MOUNT JOY, Pa. (WHTM) – Cell phone video shows the explosive fire that destroyed the Kids Joyland Playground in in 2012.

“As you came close, you just saw the towers up in flames,” Joanne Pinkerton recalled for ABC 27 News. “I felt the force of the blast at my house.”

Police eventually charged two teenagers for the devastating fire.

Nearly three years later, members of the Rotary Club in Mount Joy are calling on volunteers to help rebuild the play area.

Pinkerton, who is with the Rotary Club, said groups have raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars to rebuild the once popular playground and make it bigger.

“Huge plans,” Pinkerton told ABC 27 News. “Not big, huge plans. “(There are) huge plans for this playground. Next is trying to fill 2,600 build slots for the six-day build.”

Some pieces for the 9,500 square-foot playground are already at the site, and later this month organizers are looking for help to put them together.

Ed Bartakovits, who is also helping to organize the rebuild, said this is a chance for folks all over the Midstate to leave a lasting legacy on the children in Lancaster County.

“You can become an integral part of your community in a way that not a lot of other people can,” he said. “You can help build something that’s going to be here for at least 50 years.”

“We have a couple generations that are going to be able to enjoy this playground,” Pinkerton told ABC 27 News.

To learn more about volunteering you can click here.


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