Atlanta Braves fan dies after fall from upper deck

CNN Atlanta Braves fan fall
CNN Atlanta Braves fan fall

ATLANTA, Ga. (CNN) – An Atlanta Braves fan died yesterday after falling from an upper deck at Turner Field.

The fan fell into the lower level stands last night during the seventh inning of the game.

“The Atlanta Braves offer their deepest condolences to the family,” the team said in a statement. “At this time, all inquiries will be directed to the Atlanta Police Department, as this is an ongoing investigation.”

The cause for the fall in still unknown, but Atlanta police believe it was due to an accident. They said the man was in his early 60s.

The man tumbled head over feet before hitting the concrete walkway in front of a row of fans. He hit some of the lines attached to the backstop as he fell.

CNN’s Southeast Bureau chief Marylynn Ryan, who was sitting a few sections from where the man landed, said paramedics worked on him for several minutes before taking him off on an orange backboard.

The game continued as fans were escorted from the section where the man lay as a medic tried CPR.

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