No state budget means PA schools are without $1 billion

The state was supposed to distribute a billion dollars to school districts on Thursday but because of the budget battle, that’s not happening. Right now, districts are making sure students are not impacted but as time goes on, that could change.

According to Harrisburg School District interim business administrator and CFO, William Gretton, 50% of the school district’s budget comes from the state.

So far, the district is out $14 million, so they’re starting to look at ways to cut expenses, including payments to charter schools.

“Our charter school formulas are based on those formulas when we are not receiving 50% of our revenue, then maybe they should not receive 50% of their revenue.”

According to Gretton, students have all the books and supplies they need but if an agreement is not reached by December, the district may have to cut after-school programs and staff retirement plans could be affected.

“We would pay the school district’s portion and the employee’s portion but would not pay the state’s portion, which they would reimburse us,” said Gretton.

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