“Don’t wait, vaccinate” program provides free vaccines

The Department of Health is providing vaccines at no cost for some children in Pennsylvania as part of the Vaccines for Children program.

The federally-funded program provides vaccines to babies, children and adults who are underinsured or uninsured.

The program has been around for years but this year, local nurses want to get the word out early.

“When children go back to school the nurses in the public school systems review their records and make sure they are up-to-date. If they aren’t, which they must be, they will be excluded during the first week of school every year,” says Jordan Shover, nurse supervisor at Community Health.

The exclusions send a lot of children to the vaccination clinics, which are offered weekly across the state.

So before your child is excluded, check with your doctor to make sure their vaccines are up to date.

Not all physicians participate in the Vaccines for Children program, but they can provide the information and medical records you need.

Shover says there are 14 very serious vaccines, but not all of them are required by schools. And while most vaccines are required for kindergarten, boosters are required in 7th grade.

For more information on the Vaccines for Children program, click here.


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