App helps to keep students safe

MILLERSVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) – Millersville University has a new way to help keep students safe.

“For a student, it’s a different way, an extra way, for them to communicate with the police,” Millersville University Police Chief Pete Anders said.

Anders spoke with ABC 27 News about some of the features of the new LiveSafe app, which is available to anyone on campus.

“What the students are probably most engaged in is they can do a bystander or safety walk with each other,” Anders explained.

The app is new to the campus for the start of the fall semester. It lets students submit tips and call the police.

“Safety is important,” Anders said. “Millersville has always had a really good, constant path, both for students and for parents, to say we’re a safe place to send your child and I think it’s growing with technology.”

Police officers and school officials had been looking into the app long before the apparent murder of a Millersville freshman in her dorm in February.

Franklin and Marshall and Elizabethtown College have also started using the LiveSafe app.

Anders told ABC 27 News that Millersville is the only state school using an app to help keep students safe. He said that’s only because students agreed to help cover the $15,000 annual fee.

“We were fortunate that our students said it’s that important to us that we would pay some of our activity fee money for the university to purchase it,” he said.

The app is free for students to download.

Rachel Miller, a sophomore at Millersville, is already using it and suggests other students do the same.

“It’s there in case you need it,” she said.

Millersville University parents can also sign up for the app.

To learn more abut the LiveSafe app click here.


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