Shippensburg man warns of moving company scam

SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Joseph Brett was not planning on spending his retirement in a legal battle.

When he moved to Shippensburg from New York in 2012, he hired Jet Moving company. He says choosing them turned out to be a bad move.

“I was actually being held hostage by these people, either you pay up or we are not giving you back your furniture,” he said.

Brett, 65, says once the movers got his furniture on the truck, their price went up.

“I wound up paying over $4,000 and the original quote was around $1,200,” he said.

He took Jet Moving to court and won, but getting his money back has not been easy.

“My guess is this company is nothing but a huge sham,” attorney Shawn Stottlemyer said.

Stottlemyer says he has done everything he can to help, from subpoenas to warrants for the owners arrest.

“We have tracked banks in Virginia, unfortunately those accounts are closed. We sent constables to their registered corporate address in Center Valley, which was just an empty building,” he said.

Brett has reached out for help, too.

“I called the Department of Transportation because this is under their umbrella. No response. I called the Better Business Bureau. They were of no help. The attorney general’s office told me they did not want to get involved because of the pending litigation. So, all these agencies that are supposed to be out there to help us have actually been on no help to me whatsoever,” he said.

It appears Brett is not the only victim. A long list of complaints about Jet Moving can be found online.

“I am just looking for closure on this whole thing,” he said. “I am just so annoyed with this situation and I do not like to see other people get hurt.”

The court has ordered the company to pay Brett $9,000.

Jet Moving Company did not return a call for comment.

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