Radio DJ discusses Ashley Madison account hack

SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP, Pa (WHTM) – A popular radio DJ with HOT 93.5 FM came clean about his account with a popular ‘cheating’ website. His explanation has turned into a cautionary tale on relationships and online security.

If you flipped on the Morning Madhouse radio show Friday morning, you could hear “Puff” give a candid confession to listeners.

“I got into a little hot water with the fiancé,” he said. “But it wasn’t my fault.”

Puff divulged details that he was among the 40 million exposed members of the marriage infidelity website known as Ashley Madison.

“This whole Ashley Madison hack, the data dump that’s been going on. Yeah, I kinda got caught up in that,” he said on-air.

However, the 32 year-old explained that he signed up six years ago as part of a radio bit.

“Just to see what it was about, just to see some of the people that were on,” he said. “I’ve been single for 85 percent of my adult life. So, I wasn’t even in a relationship at the time.”

Nowadays is a different story. Puff is engaged. He said when the Ashley Madison data breech broke in the news he remembered that he too had an account. Puff admitted letting his fiance know was a bit awkward.

“I sat her down and said there’s something I have to tell you…don’t get angry,” he said. “It was for my job. And, [she] was OK after that.”

Puff quipped that he understands some may think it’s a lame excuse to blame his job. But, he said because his audience is comprised of mainly ages 18 to 35 in the dating realm, he signs up for most dating websites.

“I’m actually on the dating site, Farmers Only,” Puff said. “You can find me there as Pistol Puff.”

Puff isn’t worried about what people think, but he is worried that the hack could’ve unloaded private information. He said he was one of the first people to sign up on Ashley Madison when it was free. Newer users must pay a membership fee, which had some personal credit card information leaked.

“It is a little worrisome that people can go on and just hack information on a site like this…that are supposed to be secure,” he said.

Late this week the hacker group launched search engine to hunt for users. Government officials are investigating roughly 15,000 .mil or .gov email accounts, which is against policy to use public emails for private ventures.

Despite being unharmed in this data breech, Puff said he decided to share his cautionary tale a conversation-starter on personal security and relationship trust.

“This might be a turning point in people’s relationships,” Puff said. “Whether or not they find their significant other on it.”

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