Pennsylvania high court agrees to consider Veon’s appeal

Mike Veon (File photo)

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is agreeing to consider former state Rep. Michael Veon’s appeal in a legislative corruption case.

In a one-page order Thursday, the court agreed to consider Veon’s arguments that the state’s conflict-of-interest law is unconstitutionally vague and that a trial judge improperly expanded its reach to bar public officials from realizing even “intangible” benefits from their actions.

Veon lawyer Joel Sansone says the appeal also challenges $1 million in restitution Veon was ordered to pay to the state on grounds that the commonwealth cannot be a victim entitled to restitution.

Veon, a longtime House Democratic whip from Beaver County, was released from prison in June after serving five years.

His sentence was the longest among 22 House members and aides who were convicted or pleaded guilty.

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