New way to pay for parking in Lancaster

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – Thanks to your smartphone, there’s no need to scramble for change when it comes to parking in Lancaster.

Larry Cohen, the Executive Director of Lancaster’s Parking Authority, believes phones have become a necessity.

“The phone is the now and the future,” he told ABC 27 News.

Cohen said Wednesday was the first day folks in the Red Rose City could feed the more than one thousand meters on the street’s of the city with their phones.

The move comes at a time when the city is taking a look at it’s options when it comes to parking.

“No one wants to pay for parking but if you’re going to pay for parking we’re going to make it convenient as possible for you,” Cohen said.

Those who the service would have to pay an extra 35 cents, which would go to the developer of the app.

Cohen said despite the extra charge he hopes the easy to use service is what gets folks using it.

“If you’re at dinner and you’re half way through dinner and you notice that oh no my meter is going to run out…you can add time to your meter right from your table,” he explained to ABC 27 News.

The parking authority, which is separate from the city, hopes by the end of the year at least 10 percent of transactions are happening through the phone service.

Thomas Becker, a Lancaster resident, said it’s an interesting option.

“At Starbucks I pay with my phone so (using my phone for) parking would be fine,” he told ABC 27 News.

To learn more about the app click here.

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