Doctor hopes book on body after baby empowers moms

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Pregnancy can change your body forever, but a new book hopes to give moms some ideas outside of the gym to improve their post-pregnancy bodies.

“The Mommy Makeover Restoring Your Body after Childbirth” was written by a Nashville doctor and it’s already a No. 1 Amazon best seller.

Dr. Michael Burgdorf, with Music City Plastic Surgery in Green Hills, hopes his book helps empower woman to have the confidence to explore their postpartum options.

Dr. Michael Burgdorf
Dr. Michael Burgdorf said he hopes his book helps empower woman to have the confidence to explore their postpartum options. (Photo: WKRN)

“Moms sacrifice a lot and they very rarely think of themselves. It’s always somebody else; kids, husband, house and it’s very hard for a woman to give herself permission to do something for herself,” Dr. Burgdorf said.

The plastic surgeon specializes in “Mommy Makeovers.” He said the growing trend inspired him to write the book.

“We call it the ‘Mommy Makeover’ and it’s basically a combination of surgeries,” Dr. Burgorf explained.

He told News 2 the surgeries range from breast lifts and tummy tucks to liposuction and Botox.

He added that making the decision for surgery is something many moms have a hard time with.

Mandy McDaniel recently underwent a Mommy Makeover with Dr. Burgdorf.

McDaniel said she gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy and like many, struggled to get her pre-baby body back.

“There were things that working out couldn’t correct no matter how many times or how many days I was in the gym,” McDaniel recalled.

While McDaniel had her surgery before the book’s release, she still read it and immediately related.

“The book is great. It answers all of the questions that most mothers have when they start to entertain the idea of should I do something for me,” she told News 2.

Dr. Burgdorf said doing something for you can have a ripple effect on your family.

“We change things on the outside and then it changes the mom on the inside and it actually doesn’t just affect her, it affects the people in her circle of influence,” he explained.

McDaniel agreed, saying, “I feel complete. I feel like I’m the me that I knew was in there all along.”

A Mommy Makeover can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $25,000.

Dr. Burgdorf’s book covers every aspect of the makeover from start to finish and includes some non-surgical tips.

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