Theater chain takes steps to improve customer safety

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Regal Cinemas announced that it will take steps to try and improve its security efforts by checking the bags of its customers at the entrance.

This comes after two recent shootings at movie theaters this summer.

Regal Cinemas has 560 locations across the United States, including several in the region.

The country’s largest theater chain says on their website that they want customers and staff to feel safe, so backpack and bags are subject to inspection.

Neima Shertz has not been to the Regal Cinema in Susquehanna Township in several months.

She had her bag searched on Thursday afternoon. ‘I was surprised at first,” said Shertz, “I think it’s ok, because they want to make sure that people are safe.

A lot of people on social media expressed their concerns with the new security measure. Some say we continue to give up more of our rights.

John Sancenito is a security expert with INA Security Services in Harrisburg.

He says the move is a step forward, but nothing is fool proof. “It won’t prevent someone from carrying weapons on their person and bringing them in,” said Sancenito, ” “Or becoming more creative on how to bring weapons into a theater.”

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