Phone-brella allows you to send text, stay dry

(WSAV) – Now there’s a new umbrella designed to make life easier to stay in touch in a downpour.

South Korean company kt design has come up with a ‘phone-brella’ that has a specially designed C-shaped handle that easily loops over the user’s wrist.

If you’ve ever been caught in the rain and needed to send an urgent text, you’ll know it can be difficult to compose a message while keeping your umbrella steady.

The bottom half of the handle acts as a counter-weight, while the top keeps the umbrella hooked around the arm. This way your hands are free to text or browse the web on a smartphone. The umbrella simply leans against your body and helps to keep you dry.

The design has already won awards.

It’s available in five colors: gray, smoky gray, blossom red, royal red and chic black.


No word yet on how much it is and when it will be available to purchase.

(sources: Korea Times, Designboom, Complex)

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