Overlooking insurance can cost you thousands when sending children to college

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – On Thursday, Millersville University was filled with the sounds of families unpacking on move-in day.

Korri Hill, a freshman from Dickson City, was one of those unpacking the family car.

“Maybe make some new friends and maybe play some soccer,” she said about her expectations for college.

For her mother, Patty Hill, there’s also enough to worry about and insurance wasn’t one of those things.

Experts told ABC 27 News that with valuables like televisions going off to college not paying attention could cost you thousands of dollars.

“Certain overages from your home owners policy may not cover, or give you broad enough coverage for items like laptops, or sports equipment,” Amy Clement, an insurance agent with State Farm, said.

Clement told ABC 27 News that renters insurance isn’t needed for students moving into dorms. She said those items are can typically be covered on a personal articles policy, which is the same policy folks use to cover things like wedding rings.

Clement said a personal articles policy only costs a couple dollars a month.

“Even if there was some sort of coverage for a stolen laptop, for instance, under your parents home owners policy, most owners policies have higher deductibles,” she said.

Clement also said folks can save huge chunks on car insurance if they don’t send a car off to college with their child.

She suggests a review of your insurance before a student gets unpacked and settled into their new dorm.

“I’ve seen student away discounts lower premiums by hundreds of dollars,” Clement told ABC 27 News. “They could save a good amount of money.”

Clement suggests checking with your insurance agency to learn about discounts they may offer.


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