Back to school fashion trends includes camo, graphic prints

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Going back to school isn’t what it used to be. It’s not just about packing enough number two pencils. The experts say fall 2015 back to school fashion is all about bold innovation paired with style that turns function into fashion.

Tax-free weekend kicks off August 7 to 9 and according to the National Retail Association’s survey families are expected to spend more on school supplies compared to last year. In 2014, total spending for back-to-school and back-to-college shoppers reached $75.9 billion with the average family spending $669.28 on their children.

Top trends in back-to-school-fashion

From floating locker shelves to a “super folder,” middle schoolers worked with Staples designers to create products for students by students. They were hands on throughout the whole process including creating sketches and even helping with prototypes to be sent to factories.

big pen

One student said he came up with a product called The Big Pen Pencil Case after coming up short for a pencil in class. The case has interchangeable tips for a highlighter, pencil and pen as well as a pencil sharpener and eraser. It also hold pens and pencils.

A left-handed student said he was frustrated because the rings on the binders always hurt his arm while he was doing his homework. He came up with a super tri-folding design that includes a zipper pouch, post it notes and places to put papers.

super folder

Another hot-item on many students wish lists is a portable desk, which makes doing homework in the car on the way to soccer or dance practice easier. It includes pocket organizers, doubles as a dry-erase board and a writing surface.

Eco-friendly school supplies are also available for classrooms and students going green. One hundred percent recycled paper and notebooks with fun animal and plant inspired designs as well as eco-friendly lunchboxes and BPA food containers and sports bottles. Several products will also make a small contribution to an environmental group.

As far as fashion, the experts say camo is officially “in.” A full army of backpacks and accessories will hit store shelves as well as designs that includes everything from food products like donuts and cheeseburgers to sharks. For those that prefer something a little more girly, bright and metallic school supplies are also making a come-back. Notebooks, pencils and folders decked out with glitter, diamonds and sassy sayings in combinations of pink, silver, purple and other sparkly hues are all trending in stores.

Graphic designs are huge in the world of pens, penciled, bikers and pencil cases. Animal prints and holographic backgrounds are available for binders, staplers and folders as well as popular characters such as The Avengers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and of course the cast of Frozen. Teen Vogue has a new line of school supplies that doesn’t just stop at pens and notebooks. It also includes iPhone and iPad cases and gadgets. They don’t just match your blouse, but your lip-gloss color.

As far as back-to-school style goes, the experts say don’t forget about moms and teachers. There are several items available for getting organized including file crates, planners and calendars and desktop organizations. For parents, it’s not so about bold colors and camo, but a more sophisticated style. Parents will see a much more modest collection of items in rustic wire, faux leather and charcoal finishers.

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